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Pictures of Justin Trudeau at Pride are making the world jealous

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Who requires lengthy speeches and thoughtful public declarations when you can state all you wish to state with a pair of social justice socks?Sporting a pair of Ramadan-themed socks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family demonstrated their assistance for both the LGBTQ community and the Muslim community at Toronto’s Pride event yesterday. Not everybody could participate in Toronto’s Pride, but that didn’t stop the internet from sharing pictures of him and otherwise attempting to tweet the envy away.

While there, Trudeau made certain to wish the crowd a happy “Pride Mubarak,” describing Sunday’s end-of-Ramadan events. Trudeau, who is the Hamilton musical made human, charitably camouflaged his dimples to make space for a maple leaf Pride tattoo on his best cheek.

He even tweeted that “Love is Love” because he can’t stop himself and we’re not about to stop him either.And of course he made time to high-five a little girl in a Wonder Female costume, because good ideas still do happen! Just not here.We’re simultaneously envious and desire to toss

up. 1. Justin Trudeau 2. at Pride 3. using rainbow socks 4.

high-fiving a little woman dressed as Wonder Female pic.twitter.com/1xYQoOaPOt!.?.!The style of this year’s Toronto Pride was”inclusivity.” C’mon Canada. This simply isn’t really fair. Why do you

get to have all the very best parade themes and why does your prime minister get away with a tucked-in salmon-colored shirt?Look at this human musical.President Trump will not be celebrating LGBTQ Pride this year, however that’s due to the fact that he’s been hectic resolving issues of deep nationwide value

like replaying the 2016 election and confessing to witness tampering on public television.Happy LGBTQ Pride everybody!< div data-source="blueprint"data-template="benefit"data-video= "EmljNVXlL6">



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