Peter Kay’s Car Share Series Two Episode Two Aired On BBC One Tonight And Social Media Exploded

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BBC One broadcast Peter Kay’s Car Share series 2, episode 2 tonight and fans of the show have taken to social media to share their reviews and excitement at seeing John and Kayleigh return to normality, together in the Fiat 500L.

The first episode saw a change in scenarios for Kayleigh, who has moved house since the first series and began commuting to work on public transport.  However Redmond found a friend in her sister’s partner and used this as an excuse to pick his blonde co-worker up – even though it’s around 45 minutes out of his way each trip.

Episode 2 sees John collect Kayleigh for a work’s fancy dress party and Chinese banquet, with the pair dressed as Harry Potter and Hagrid.

In the lovely episode, the blossoming romantic tension between the pair simmers away to the soundtrack of nostalgic love songs on the superb Forever FM – including the return of the infamous Crazy Frog.

But the workmates aren’t alone in the car this time; they’re joined by a formidably well-upholstered Smurf, the infamous Elsie from the deli counter – who’s on her third written warning.

Long-suffering John has no option but to give her a lift home from the get together. She’s drunk and maudlin and lets slip a few little truths about John and Kayleigh.

Social media couldn’t get enough


Did that sign just say hand job in the background #carshare

Peter kay’s Car Share is by far the best thing on tv these days 😂😂

‘Peter Kay’s Car Share’ is so funny! Love it! 😁

Lance Armstrong….him who went to the moon?! #carshare 😂

Car Share. What do you call yours? Cagney and Lacey, but I prefer Lacey. I’ve a soft spot for her – prod prod

#carshare “you wanna go two’s on a pot noodle ? ” 😂😂😮

Back in Blighty.
Back to #carshare .
The best drunken acting I’ve ever seen. EVER

I’m actually crying Elsie is life, this episode gets me every time #carshare

“I hear Joyce John has an S Shaped vagina but I’m saying nothing , I’m not a gossip!” Fecking brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻😂😂😂 @peterkay_co_uk #carshare

#carshare” If ever you want to go halfsies on a pot noodle you let me know”😘 lol

#carshare Ah Please let John and Kayleigh kiss before this series ends!! 😘😘

They bloody nearly did!! Damn you Elsie!! 😡😡 #carshare

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