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Obama’s Lawyer Just Revealed How Trump May Be Landing HIMSELF In Prison

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Lawfare, Bob Bauer– a former Obama White HomeCounsel– just said that Trump’s Tweets could be putting him in legal hazard: “Mr. Trump appears not to comprehend that he is drawing a specific photo of himself, which is neither pretty nor without effect for his legal position. This self-portrait can be depended on to color unfavorably any evaluation of his motives when more formal questions into his habits are considered or happen. While it is certainly real that district attorneys should pursue the criminal offense and not particular individuals, suspicious behavior can not assist however draw attention to itself and push forward an investigation. “Mr. Bauer was referring to Trump’s current effort to intimidate fired FBI Director James Comey by means of Twitter: James Comey much better hope that there are no “tapes “of our discussions before he starts dripping to the press!To state Trump’s mobster-like behavior is “unpresidential”is

to pretend that the word still has any significance. His bullish, borderline criminal public habits intimates

a confidence that he is above not just common decency, but the law.Mr. Bauer uses a parting warning:” What is most impressive is that the President has actually voluntarily created this self-portrait. As scandals-in-the-making go, this one might become popular for including the President as the primary witness versus himself: he seems dedicated to revealing any cover-up. “The coming months will show whether or not Trump gets the jail bars he so deeply should have, but it’s great to know he’s already building a case versus himself


Obama’s Lawyer Just Revealed How Trump May Be Landing HIMSELF In Prison

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