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Obama’s Lawyer Just Accused Trump Of A New Impeachable Crime

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Today, Trump announced that he does not have any tapes from his discussion with previous FBI Director James Comey. Norm Eisen, previous President Barack Obama’s principles lawyer, has claimed that Trump’s insinuation that the tapes ever existed total up to witness intimidation.Susan Hennessey, handling editor of Lawfare blog, corroborated Eisen’s accusation.BREAKING: The President of the United States lied for the function

of misleading the public, intimidating FBI Director he improperly fired.!.?.!Because Trump threatened Comey with the understanding that there were undoubtedly no tapes, his remark had the express

function of daunting the previous FBI Director.James Comey much better hope that there are no” tapes”of our conversations before he begins leaking to the press!Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the leading

Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, stated,” This raises a lot of questions about why he would suggest in the very first place there were tapes, exactly what he wished to get from that? And, furthermore, why he kept the country thinking about this concern for weeks, and weeks and weeks.”Schiff included that Trump’s prior actions raise concerns about”exactly what lengths he will go to attempt to frighten people from speaking up.”With all of the just recently reported electronic monitoring, intercepts, unmasking and unlawful dripping of information, I have no concept… whether there are”tapes”or recordings of my discussions with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings.While Trump might have wanted to frighten Comey, his own words ultimately returned to injure the President. Your house Intelligence Committee has actually so far sent a letter to White House Counsel Don McGahn “asking for info on whether recordings of Comey’s conversations with Trump exist and, if they do, for copies to be turned over by Friday. “The Committee is likewise considering strategies to subpoena the tapes, if they exist.While the President might have been effective on The Apprentice, the United States federal government is not a reality program. By virtue of beginning speculation about the existence of tapes that

would either verify or deny what may amount to his obstruction of justice, Trump might have successfully fostered thriller, however not prior to dedicating an impeachable offense. If he desired to be a truth star, he ought to have kept his old task.

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