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New York Times Just Dropped A Pence-Comey-Russia Coverup Bombshell

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Much of the conversation around a possible Trump impeachment winds up relying on the concern of Vice President Mike Pence, and if he would truly be any better than Trump. The anticipation here is that Pence is innocent of any misdeed or illicit activity that Trump may have devoted, and will be safe when the downfall comes. New info is beginning to expose that Pence’s hands may not be as tidy as formerly believed.A newly launched

New York Times article states that Pence was” part of the little group of advisors who prepared Mr. Comey’s ouster [sic] in near secrecy. “Its seems the administration

is lying so much that they cannot even keep an eye on what they’ve stated. In the beginning, the White Home declared that Comey was fired after Deputy Attorney general of the United States Rosenstein composed a memo to Trump recommending the termination. Pence embraced the lie wholeheartedly, appearing before journalism to feed them the prepared story. He tossed his full assistance behind Trump’s story.The next day Trump imploded the entire narrative. In an interview with Lester Holt, Trump said that he had already chosen to fire Comey before Rosenstein’s memo, immediately exposing his subordinates as liars.So Trump bought his Deputy Lawyer General to send him a letter pretending

to advocate for Comey’s termination, Pence and others then defended the memo and stated that it was the factor Comey was fired, neglecting the truth that Trump asked for the memo, then Trump decided to reveal the whole story as a lie.At the heart of all of it is Pence, supporting Trump’s mendacious machinations.

Plainly, he has no problem lying straight to the American people if it serves his employer’s functions. From there, it’s not hard to envision that Pence has actually been associated with all way of Trumpian disobediences. He’s a puppet, and he’s simply been exposed. This reveal is likely simply the first of lots of outrageous Pence revelations.When Trump falls, so falls Pence.

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