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New Years Resolutions That You Never Thought Of Before, But Should …

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Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone is stressing out about it. Most folks are busy planning trips back home, locating hideous jumpers, buying gifts, and usually being freaked out about spending cash.

But what lots of folks often forget is that New Year Eve is just a week after Christmas. What that means is you should additionally be thinking about what your New Year”s resolution should be as well. In an attempt to take some pressure off of you, I”ve compiled a list of resolutions which you should seriously contemplate embracing.

1. Get on TV

Get on TV somehow.

It doesn”t matter how you do it, only make it on TV somehow. Do something in the backdrop of a news report, whine about some sort of trouble in your area and alarm anything, the news organizations. Simply make it on TV so you”ll get to have that glorious moment when folks come up to you and say, “Hey, didn”t I see you on TV yesterday evening?”

2. Floss.


This resolution is made by most folks annually. It”s time to confront everyone”s worst nightmare and really begin doing the bloodbath that’s known as flossing. Flossing is great for the wellbeing of your teeth and gums, but generally it’s a bloody, painful wreck when you don”t do it often. In regards to flossing you cannot win. But you can try.

3. Go to the physician”s at least once.

Go to the doctor

Most folks stay away from the physician”s office and the dentist like the plague. Well, you probably shouldn”t. Make strategies to see your physician at least one time in the next year that is forthcoming and it might save your life. (Or hopefully it’ll at least enhance it.)

4. Don”t untag any images of yourself from Facebook.


You look like that. I understand you want you didn”t but those unflattering images from your buddy”s birthday party are what you actually look like. It”s not trick photography, that”s actually you. Acknowledge it and let the world see. Eat some humble pie every once every so often.

5. Begin thinking of a Halloween costume

Start thinking of a Halloween costume now!

You don”t need to wind up with one of these lame “hot” costumes next year do you? Of course not. So start planning your costume. By next October, you”ll be so prepared.

6. Begin a group.

Start a band.

You”ve always wanted to do this. You understand the best way to play an instrument. You understand a couple other folks who do also. Just begin a group already. This year check that off your bucket list, play a show and feel the exhilaration of making people dance through the mirth of music and jamming out with your pals.

7. Take one step toward becoming Batman.

Take one step toward becoming Batman.

You adore Batman? Take a step toward becoming the Caped Crusader. Join a martial arts course, become a billionaire, or simply go in the mountains for a short time. Only do something that Batman is known for. Get in shape and wear a cape. It is a baby step toward the ultimate aim, being the Batman and all counts.

8. Don”t vote all year.


Fortunately there aren”t many, if any, elections in the year 2015. So, if you select to do this one you’re halfway there. All that”s left to do now is refrain from voting in those dumb reality show competitions and you”re gold. This must be the most readily realized target on the lest.

9. Give up sex.

Give up sex.

Hear me out on this one. You’ll save lots of things by giving up sex for the year. You”ll save time, you”ll save cash, you”ll save your heart from possibly being broken. The movement for sex is one which leads to lots of disappointment, so you’ll avoid all of that if you simply give it up. And if you’re looking to begin one, or in a relationship, you really can become familiar with the man you’re seeing as opposed to having a relationship based on gender, which never finishes well.

Give one of these 9 offkilter New Year”s resolutions a try and see the length of time you can go. Your life may wind up being better…and if not? You did something different for some time.

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