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McCain’s Attempt To Defend Trump In Comey Hearing Just Blew Up In His Face

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On both sides of the aisle, colleagues of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) looked baffled as he accused fired FBI Director James Comey of a double standard for not examining Hillary Clinton together with Donald Trump for collusion with Russia. (Video listed below.)

When Comey discussed that the FBI had completed its examination of Clinton on July 5, McCain seemed to believe he had captured the witness in an inconsistency.

“You’re gon na have to help me out here,” McCain informed Comey. “In other words, we’re complete the examination of anything Secretary Clinton related to the project is over, and we do not need to fret about it any longer? [sic] “

Speaking for essentially every viewer, Comey responded, “I’m a little confused, Senator,” and went on to discuss simply a couple of the huge differences between the candidates.With McCain’s line of questioning leading no place, he continued.”So you’ve got one prospect who you’re maded with and another candidate that you’ve got a long method to go. Is that appropriate?”McCain asked.Comey stated he didn’t understand how far into the examination

the FBI is presently, but he was otherwise proper– because that’s how investigations work.McCain’s coworkers looked physically hurt as he continued even more, insinuating that Clinton ought to be treated the very same as Trump since she had been the victim of the Russian hacking that he gained from.

Needless to say, no one was moved by McCain’s logic.The video listed below

can be sad to watch. McCain, who repeatedly described Trump as Comey in the exchange, is 80 and appears to be seriously having problem with his faculties. Still, that is no excuse for the fact that he is trying psychological gymnastics to cover for the criminal activities of a President who is actively degrading and triggering irreversible harm to our country, a man who maligned McCain’s own bravery as an embellished war hero.

Sympathy for the elderly and rejection of an outrageous act are not equally special. The committee chair said it best with the words that ended McCain’s questioning:

“The Senator’s time has actually expired.”

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