Man Shuts Down Anti-Abortion Argument With One Simple Question

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beginning of life‘ is determined, the biggest issue at hand remains that people feel entitled to tell others what to do with their bodies, without having much interest in dealing with the aftermath. Seriously, when we see pro-lifers adopting some of the disadvantaged children they so desperately wanted to be born, then we’ll talk about hearing out their side.

This idea of people claiming to be ‘pro-life,’ but actually only being pro-childbirth and pro-dominance-over-female-bodies, is central to a Twitter argument from The Ark Trilogy author Patrick S. Tomlinson that is currently going viral. In a thread of just 9 tweets, Tomlinson proposes a simple question that will leave any pro-lifer scrambling to assemble a coherent answer.

Scroll down to find out what he wrote, and let us know if you agree with his point of view in the comments.

This is Patrick S. Tomlinson, an author (The Ark Trilogy) who just shattered a key anti-abortion argument

In a thread of just 9 genius tweets, Tomlinson asks one simple question:

Of course, he was challenged, resulting in a few intense rebuttals

Others, however, completely supported his message




Do you think his argument was spot-on, or did it miss the mark? Tell us below!

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