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Man Ravaged by Amnesia Somehow Able to Hold Down Demanding Legal Job

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WASHINGTON ()– An Alabama man whose brain was damaged by severe amnesia is somehow able to operate in a very demanding legal task, leading neurologists reported on Tuesday.The male, whom

neurologists are calling a “medical secret,” has actually performed highly exacting tasks in among the nation’s top legal positions in spite of having virtually no brief- or long-lasting memory.Dr.

Davis Logsdon, the chairman of the neurology department at the University of Minnesota Medical School, stated that the Alabaman’s brain “defies explanation.”

“In all the medical literature, we have actually never seen an example of someone efficient in holding down such a high-powered task while having no memory whatsoever of individuals he satisfied, things he stated, locations he has been, or ideas he has actually had,” Logsdon said. “It’s the stuff of science fiction.”

Logsdon stated that his group of neurologists was studying video of the man in the hopes of comprehending the paradoxical functioning of his brain, however Logsdon acknowledged that such a job was challenging. “After paying attention to him talk for hours, your own brain starts to hurt,” he stated.


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