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Kristen Wiig Scores a Touchdown Impersonating Peyton Manning on ‘The Tonight Show’

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Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy

Popular off his win from Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning continued his victory lap by making a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday, appearing questionably like Kristen Wiig.

Still in uniform from the big game, Wiig looked a bit vague on the details.

“ I – that is tired from Sunday,” she shared. “I tried extremely tough!”

Fallon continued to inquire the quarterback what was going through his head during the closing seconds of the match. Judging from her answer, we’re not convinced Wiig actually understands anything about football.

I ’m believing I far from the line,” Wiig described. I ’m far away from the line, and I need to get it to the …; I must do it. I’ve gotta get this ball to the man.”

Wiig his important during school, and may have been a little away when it came to the details like the score of the match, where Manning went to college, but she managed to pull through.

“It was 14-6…;in my head,” she said of the final score of the match. (Hint: It was really 24-10.)

Wiig made a strong recovery during Fallon’s rapidfire question round by sharing some private details about Manning’s favourite pregame meal (French fries and toast) and his favourite group (Maroon 5).

Wiig showed off the skills that won the match on Sunday, trying to show Manning’s pinpoint precision with a gold football for the occasion.


Source: NBC

Let’s only say Wiig let Manning take care of the work on the subject and should stick to the feelings.

This is’t the first time Wiig has quit by The Tonight Show incognito. She’s formerly impersonated Michael Jordan, Harry Designs and Khaleesi from Game of Thrones.

Check out the hilarious interview below.



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