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Kellyanne Conway Just Got Caught Leaking Private Trump Conversation To Media

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At a Washington, D.C. party on Friday night, Kellyanne Conway was overheard “dripping” a personal discussion she had with Trump in an open setting to members of the “mainstream media.”

Conway’s overheard discussion was documented on an anonymous new Twitter account, @KellyanneLeaks. Conway information how the President told her say, almost as if to mock the previous FBI Director, that “James Comey will need to wait and see about the tapes,” which Conway then equated to “no remark,” deriding Trump’s overblown rhetoric. She likewise mocked Trump’s Chief of Personnel Reince Priebus for attempting to stop leaks to press reporters. Oh, the paradox.

a more light-hearted impression 11/Trump/Pence individuals are a bit sloppy and fratricidal; exactly what else is brand-new. If 45 marvels who the leakers are …!.?.!Despite frustrating proof that Russia, a hostile foreign adversary, meddled in the 2016 election, Trump has continued to castigate”leakers “as the genuine enemies of America.Despite numerous false declarations and lies, overall and complete vindication … and WOW, Comey is a leaker!If Trump is so anxiousabout those who leakage personal information to the mainstream media, he ought to look first at his own administration.

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