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I can’t get enough of Nintendo Switch-loving celebrities

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For numerous, celeb gossip is toxin. For me, it’s a narcotic– the definition of a guilty enjoyment. I naturally grab trashy rags at physician’s offices. I view Hollywood “news” reveals mindlessly at the health club. I camp out in front of the TELEVISION for hours to capture every ounce of red carpet coverage.But here’s a significant mistaken belief about obsessing over the lives of the rich and well-known: Not all celebrity buzz is a brain-zapping hum. There’s a class of it that’s capitivating even to you, reader, who is judging me so, so harshly today. That would be the computer game cameo, a classification that involves a console we acknowledge from our own living spaces showing up in a star’s hands, or Instagram post, or Twitter feed.There’s something so endearing to me about these type of posts, even if they’re super harmless. This photo from Opportunity the Rap artist’s Instagram story the other day is an ideal example: It’s simply a Change box and a copy of !.?.!! What’s special about that?

chance the rapper instagram post
< period data-original= "https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/8724605/nb9e1jltap4z.jpg">< img src ="https://www.polygon.com" alt="opportunity the rap artist instagram post"data-chorus-optimize-field="main_image"data-cid=“site/dynamic _ size_image-1498130810_3586_138623″data-cdata=”” asset_id “:8724605,” ratio “:”*””> A still from Chance’s June

20 Instagram story.Chance the Rapper/Instagram But: The implication here is that, for as big of a deal as the Grammy-winning rapper is, he still chases down a totally free minute to play the new Nintendo game. It’s relatable content at its finest.

— Caltex Socceroos (@Socceroos) makes this console so appealing to people who live their lives on the road, like artists and actors and the like. Switchset actually isn’t really just devoted to paparazzi shots and Twitter photos; its moderator desires anybody to send their best Switch-on-the-go shots.Before urging fans to help grow this gallery of Switch images, the mediator reminds them that “Nintendo has us covered. Change has our back. “If I learned anything from< a href ="https://www.polygon.com/2016/10/25/13403924/nintendo-switch-karen-meme-reveal-video"> my girl Karen back in October, it’s that this is absolutely true. I’ll be keeping an eye on my new preferred subreddit, now that it’s validated my most embarrassing of passions.

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