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Grand jury indicts Texas deputy, her husband for murder in deadly Denny’s fight

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A grand jury arraigned a Texas constable’s deputy, Chauna Thompson, and her spouse, Terry, for murder in a battle that resulted in a guy’s death at a Denny’s.

The occurrence has actually gotten national attention.John Hernandez,

24, was in a coma after a run-in with Terry Thompson on May 28 outside of a Denny’s in Sheldon.WATCH:”When I seenthe guy turning purple, there was no slow down.”EMBED > More News Videos Denny’s worker Melissa Trammell explains seeing the violent fight outside the restaurant.Investigators said Hernandez was urinating outside the restaurant and that Terry had yelled at him to stop. A physical altercation ensued, and Harris County Deputy Thompson satisfied

her husband at the Denny’s. WATCH:”He didn’t have to pay with his life.”EMBED > More News Videos Mercedes Ramiro stated she wanted there was more she could have done to save the victim in a violent battle at Denny’s. It’s uncertain who started the fight, but Terry’s attorney declares Hernandez threw the first punch

was put into the back of a patrol cars and truck that night, however no charges had actually been submitted in the case.< a href=" http://abc7.com/news/wife-of-man-accused-in-dennys-fight-removed-from-patrol-duties/2068966/ "> Video launched on Monday revealed Terry on top of Hernandez with his arm around Hernandez’s throat. Witnesses said Chauna was also attempting to restrain Hernandez, putting her knee down on hisarm.WARNING: Some viewers may discover the following video troubling EMBED > More News Videos RAW VIDEO: Eyewitness video shows a better view of fatal battle outside Denny’s. (WARNING: Some viewers may find this video disturbing) “The video tome is nearly by itself enough. You see a person on the ground who is totallyincapacitated andgrunting and groaning. And you see a huge guy on top of him choking him and he dies of that choking, “said Hernandez family attorney Randall Kallinen.Hernandez stopped breathing and Chauna administered CPR

. Hernandez was required to the healthcare facility, but passed away days later.The constable’s workplace revealed Tuesday that Chauna was pulled from her patrol obligations and assigned desk duty.Hundreds of individuals appeared for a march and vigil Wednesday in front of the Harris County courthouse with a growing number of

individuals calling for the arrests of Chauna and Terry. “Johnny was such an excellent person.

He was a generous person and he didn’t deserve exactly what happened to him,”Melissa Hernandez, the victim’s cousin, said.The district lawyer’s office presented its findings to the grand jury, which satisfied Thursday early morning. “We desire justice for John Hernandez, and we desire justice for the Thompsons. We want it for everybody associated with this case that this procedure be seen as fair and transparent,”said Tom Berg, with the D.A.’s office.Meanwhile, the workplace is asking anyone with proof in the event to come forward. They are searching for more eyewitnesses and videos of the event.(Copyright © 2017 KTRK-TV. All Rights Booked.)

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