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Friends – How The TV Show Influenced This One Man

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When Friends eventually reach Netflix, we stayed home sick for three days only so we could binge watch one of the most significant sitcoms of our generation. That is the number of commitment we’ve got to the six lovable characters living in an unusually large flat in Manhattan.

And that commitment is no where near that of Du Xin, who now goes by the name Gunther. The Beijing resident is obsessed with the show which he’s opened his own variation of Central Perk up on the sixth floor of a highrise flat.

i-D made a short documentary of his fire, and at first it begins as a hilarious storyline of a guy who’s thus into Friends that he phones his son Joey and instructed him how to say “How you doin’?” in English, into a sort of… mental narrative.

It is about Chinese people linking with Friends, because that is the sort of life they are seeking. Du mentions that Chandler is his hero, because he leave his job which he got one that he enjoyed, and despised. “This TV show additionally told us you must pick a living manner you enjoy.”

Take a look at the video below.

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