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Feds Just Ruled That Trump White House Broke Federal Law With Illegal Campaign Activity

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The United States Office of the Unique Counsel determined this week that a tweet from President Trump’s White Home Director of Social Media broke the federal law that prevents federal government employees from using the main positions for project activities. (Complete judgment below.)

Dan Scavino, who likewise held the social media director task on Trump’s 2016 project, sent a tweet on April 1 of this year requiring the main defeat of Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI):

Instantly, Scavino discovered himself in a firestorm of legal criticism from previous presidential lawyers from both celebrations, stating that the political call to action from a White Home authorities was an abuse of power in offense of the Hatch Act.Scavino is being let off with a slap on the wrist at most, however the Special Counsel notes that future prohibited activity will be considered”willful and knowing infraction of the law.” This is little potatoes compared to the obstruction of justice and Russian collusion allegations pestering the White Home, however it is a suggestion that there ready public servants working in the federal government who are not about to let these abuses go.The criminal activities of Trump and his cronies are coming home to roost.The letter from the Office of Unique Counsel is below:

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