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Facebooks 5 Youngest Billionaires

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Social media giant Facebook is the have juggernaut of the modern age that gorges on 10% of the whole webs traffic. The sole site larger than Facebook is Google, which can likely credit much of its own traffic to folks googling Facebook. While some claim the social networking web site has had its day, with 1.28 billion active members, this entrenched site isnt likely to be going everywhere. But Facebook did to revolutionize the way billions of individuals socialize and communicate, it spawned a number of the youngest billionaires in history. With many people under the age of 39 showing their technological skills can turn a really, really, large gain, yet dotcom millionaires are no rarity in this time, Facebook did not this better than every website. So who are these young billionaires, and did Facebook help them become a number of the most youthful of the elite group?

1. Sean Parker

Now, at age 34, Parker possesses a whole wealth of $3.2 billion. An impressive amount considering he seemed months after the websites start. Having already built up a standing counseling on another social networking site, Friendster, Parker convinced Zuckerberg that he could help run Facebook and after creating the web site Napster, remarking that he saw its potential.

After several months Parker took on the job of foundation president of Facebook. His largest contributions to the business was discovering its first big investor, Peter Thiel, and convincing Zuckerberg to switch the name of the website to Facebook, rather than TheFacebook, its initial name. As president was less than smooth and one night in 2005, Parkers rein he was discovered with cocaine at a celebration in his house. He wasn’t billed but forced into stepping down the part.


He continued to be part of the organization, guiding until he transferred onto another business venture, Spotify Zuckerberg.

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