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Emergencies Awareness In Autism

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Mother documents importance of properly diagnosing and PROMPTLY treating pain in NON VERBAL autistic son who couldn’t tell anyone why he was hurting.

Her son, like many non-verbal, severely-autistic people, will use INCREASED self-injurious behavior, screaming or biting themselves, to try and communicate they are in PAIN. And need prompt medical diagnostic care and effective treatment to stop the acute behavioral meltdown.

Yes, it’s challenging to diagnose where pain is coming from in an autistic patient. Luckily, doctor, in this instant video, was able to spot an ulcer in throat while this autistic young man was screaming and held his mouth open long enough for the doctor to see it.

Throat ulcer was then quickly treated with pain medication, which stopped the extreme self-injurious behavior. Round the clock pain management was started.  Patient remained calm. Returned to baseline. Was able to return home.

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