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Disney Always Makes Kids Smile, But What They Did For Her Is Something Special

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Disney rules supreme in regards to bringing enjoyment to children everywhere.

From the pictures to the parks to the cruises that are unbelievable, the people over at Disney know a thing or two about bringing fantasy worlds to life. Millions of people flock to the many draws of the firm every year, and they come back over and over to fill their children’s heads with memories that’ll last a very long time.

But the Mansfield family was a bit uncertain of their Disney World encounter would be. Since their oldest daughter has hearing impairments because they are deaf and rely on sign language to convey, these parents stressed that their small ones would pass up on all that Disney magic. Much to their surprise, nevertheless, something unbelievable kept occurring as they made their way around the park.

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It is this level of empathy and customer attention that’s made Disney a world-wide association. Inclusivity is significant, and leading firms should take that to heart. The grins on these adorable faces say everything.

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