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Dan Rather Just Issued A Chilling Warning About Trump’s Unprecedented Threat To Democracy

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For the last several months, Dan Rather’s poignant insights into the hazards of the Trump program have actually brought the famous journalist praise with a brand-new generation of worried citizen. Today, he went back to Facebook with a chilling warning about the unmatched times we are residing in and the risks President Trump postures to America’s future.Rather declines

to let this become regular, and here, he perfectly shows why its important that we all do the same.His post is listed below in its totality:

“Similar to a lot of my fellow Americans, i do not consider myself partisan politically– never have. I am a signed up independent voter and have been for most of my life. With that in mind, I send the following:

“Can we please get this out of the method? None of exactly what is occurring at the top of federal government now is regular. None of it. And nobody needs to normalize it. No one.

“We have a President who lies without a second thought. Huge vibrant lies that are easily disproven. That is not regular.

“We have major accusations around blockage of justice by that President. That is not typical.

“We have an FBI director fired for insisting to continue pursuing a severe examination into the sanctify of our republic. It has actually never ever occurred before in our history. That is not normal.

“We have a hostile foreign power assaulting and undermining our electoral process. That is not typical.

“We have a Chief law officer under a major shadow of association with said foreign power, with indications that there is much more to this story than we yet know. That is not regular.

“We have Federal judges, our closest foreign allies, and the totally free press under scurrilous attack from the President and his enablers. At the exact same time we have despots applauded. That is not normal.

“We have an Administration fanning the flames of division over race, ethnic culture, religion, sexuality, and gender. That is not regular.

“We have an overhaul of our entire healthcare system being written in trick on a fast amount of time. That is not typical.

“We have a sordid confluence of the President’s company interests and his political power. That is not normal.

“The list might continue. And feel free to include your very own to the comments section.What concerns
me a lot more than any of these items is the reality that they are mostly being satisfied by a shrug or reasons from the majority of Republican elected authorities. Even many Democrats seem overloaded and are inclined to let a few of this simply flight. That might be how politics works. But this is bigger. It has to do with our nation.

“We are shifting the goalposts for our democracy. We are failing to be outraged by the outrageous because there is something a lot more outrageous that constantly seems to hit the news cycle. Which is hazardous.

“Exactly what gives me hope is we have actually had waves of problem in our country’s history. And we have actually had times when exactly what we would consider now to be not normal, like partition, was considered regular. What has centered and conserved our nation time and again is civic engagement. I believe that most people in this nation do not think any of this is typical.

“And they could effectively vote out those elected authorities in both celebrations who are normalizing these outrages.”

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