Cop Approaches Rodeo Clown And Shows Him Hysterical Moves

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Marilyn Caylor 3/29/2017

JJ Harrison is a rodeo clown that is understood for his quick wit and killer dance moves. When this former high school instructor went visit head with a policeman, something hilarious occurred! Typically law enforcement officer bust bad guys, but this police had something else in shop for him after JJ dared him to come down from the stands. When the commentator proclaimed “this is not going to end well,” the entire audience knew that something amazing will decrease!

Poor Officer Adams was being teased by a clown throughout a rodeo event in Spanish Fork, Utah. When he could not take it any longer, the officer headed directly down to the arena to see what this “clown” actually wanted from him. That’s when the police lastly chose to let some pretty cool moves out of his dance jail. The crowd started to cheer as quickly as Adams showed the funnyman who was the one in charge! It didn’t take long for the rodeo queen to join in on the enjoyable, too.

This is exactly what I needed today! Wait until you see this cheeky trio do a dance off. This police officer actually understands the best ways to let his hair down and have some severe enjoyable. Enjoy the video listed below to see just how well Officer Adams “busts a relocation.” It ends up there wasn’t simply one clown at the rodeo that day, however three – the police, the real clown, and the rodeo queen. You just can’t make that up! Ha ha!



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