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Comey TOOK NOTES on Trump Conversations – Magically ‘Forgot’ to Record 3 Hour CLINTON Interrogation!

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In what might be the most blatant act of corruption by an FBI head, at least in the last few years, Comey confessed that he did not tape-record his interview with Hillary Clinton, which was nearly 3 and a half hours long.The interview was indicated to clean up Hillary Clinton’s participation with various scandals, including her personal e-mail server, and alleged collusion with Libyan forces to create an unsteady Middle East. According to James Comey, none of it was recorded.Yet, in some way, Comey remembered to remember on each thing that

Trump said– something he did refrain from doing for the Obama administration. After the DNC computer systems were”hacked,”Comey still did not talk to Democratic President at the time. The Hill reports:”Hillary Clinton did not swear an oath to tell the truth before meeting with the FBI for 3 and a half

hours last weekend, and the interview was not taped, FBI Director James Comey informed House lawmakers on Thursday. “”The lack of a sworn oath does not get rid of the possibility of criminal penalties versus Clinton if she lied to the FBI, though he said he had ‘

no basis to conclude’that she was untruthful.” Comey adds that it was “still a criminal offense,”to lie to the FBI, although it’s FBI policy to avoid taping interviews, other than under uncommon circumstances. Lots of lawmakers and people alike

are unhappy, however, and have actually required to see the transcript of the former Secretary of State’s interview.” … that’s a problem,”Representative John Mica of Florida states, in reaction to Comey not having the ability to produce a transcript of the interview with Clinton.”It’s pretty clear … that the American people wish to see exactly what Hillary CLinton stated to the FBI,”Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said on Wednesday, a day prior to Comey’s look prior to House lawmakers.

CNN includes a list of”winners,” from Comey’s testament

, and is really fast to point out that Trump was consistently cast”as a liar.” “Comey consistently cast Trump as a phony, firmly insisting that a number of claims made by the President about their interactions were completely incorrect. He likewise stated, with no equivocation, that Trump saying he hoped Comey could discover a way to end the Flynn examination amounted to a’instruction ‘from the President of the United States.”On a positive note, Comey did, nevertheless, state that the New York Times story concerning Trump’s ties to Russian intelligence officials was completely incorrect.”Comey said that the Times story, which alleges that’Trump partners had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election,’was practically

entirely incorrect. He did’t, nevertheless, information how. Still, not excellent.” In spite of Comey’s remarks regarding almost everyone else, from John McCain to Loretta Lynch, from Sessions to Trump, and from Becket to Richman, there were few remarks made relating to Hillary Clinton. Those that were made, seemed really dodgy and didn’t expose anything new.CORNYN: Mr. Comey I’ll repeat what I said in previous hearings that I think you’re an excellent and good male who has been handled a challenging hand beginning back with the Clinton e-mail examination. I value you being here voluntarily to cooperation with the examination

. As a general matter, if an FBI agent has need to believe that a criminal activity has been devoted, do they have a task to report it?COMEY: That’s an excellent concern. I do not know that there’s a legal responsibility to report it. They definitely have a cultural, ethical duty to report it.CORNYN: You’re uncertain whether they would have a legal duty?COMEY: That’s a good question. I have not considered that before.It seems that Comey just admitted that he didn’t have a legalresponsibility to report Hillary Clinton’s crimes– this may or might not be checking out into his words excessive, however numerous Americans are still convinced that Hillary has actually been colluding with Comey to cover up her tracks.If you desire President Trump to KEEP HIS GUARANTEE and throw

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