In an all natural therapy dishes display on the Euro tv, this formula was unmasked by the Clara Doronjina for diabetics. She states:

Coating That Helps with Diabetic Foot

– there are lots of individuals who possess a diabetic feet or sense tenderness within their toes. Particularly diabetics which have these problems are enduring simply because they endure a discomfort and  cramping. The following formula can help you:


  • 100 grams of uncooked spud
  • fifty grams of horseradish
  • Acrylic if required


Use one potato and blend 100 gr uncooked potato, well-washed, with skin. Additionally mix-in  50 gr of horseradish. Blend into the combination and include any veggie oil to obtain an insert that is good. Create a covering and put it about the toes. Since the covering mustn’t transfer so prepare it nicely.

Do that during the night, so it is applied for a long time and each morning you’ll sense relieve within the legs!