Boy Born Without Hands or Lower Legs Becomes a Yankee for a Day

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Source: The New York Yankees

Source: The New York Yankees

Seems like the Yankee’s have signed” their largest star for the coming season.

10-year old Landis Sims from Elizabeth, Indiana, was born without hands and lower legs. Sims is a leading baseball enthusiast, especially the Yankees, and lately had the chance to to play with the professionals for an one-day major league contract.

Pitcher CC Sabathia was on hand to help Sims “negociate” his one-day contract, which contained some rather cool perks including his own private locker room, and an opportunity and Sims’ private heroes in person.

Sims does’t let obstacles get in the manner for his love of baseball. He’s been playing baseball since he was 2-years old wearing prosthetic legs and using unique equipment much like a plastic cup

Sims was presented with a tough scenario because throwing usually needs hands. Nevertheless, he and his family did’t let the challenge get in his way and devised a “catapult-like throwing fashion leading to a surprisingly precise heave,” shared Today.

“I believe he’s overcome incredible challenges to be the child which he needs to be,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi shared with Today via e-mail. “That’s unique. That’s a lesson for all of us.”

Sims loved during training camp in Tampa, Florida as a Yankee. He spent the day hitting singles on the field while Reggie Jackson and first baseman Mark Teixeira saw on. Alex Rodriguez even signed a bat for the lad with the words: “To an excellent teammate.”

Filmmaker Eric Cochran is now recording Sims’ journey on and off the field. Sims expects to achieve his ultimate aim of becoming the first baseball player – hopefully a Yankee – produced without legs and hands.

Continue to inspire those around him and Sims’ hurdles just appear to move him. Alex Rodriguez tweeted out an image with Sims, writing he was “an accurate inspiration.”

Jacob Lindgren, Yankee pitcher, additionally tweeted outside a picture sharing, “Got to love a child who pursues his vision regardless of what barriers stand in the way!”

“Baseball is only a metaphor,” shared Cochran. Others should inspire he does’t believe he’s any different than anyone else.”




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