American Blade Runner, Blake Leeper, Seeks Gold In Rio 2016 Games

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Courtesy: Steven C. Barber

“Most of US think that would be a disaster being born without legs, that would be awful, but really that’s been my strength.”

Those are the inspiring words of Blake Leeper, who was born with both legs missing below the knee due to “a congenital birth defect He’s been since the age of nine in prosthetics. But at age 26, Leeper is embarking on a journey even dream would be ’ted by most Americans: Olympic gold.

The American double-amputee will race for gold at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“I desire to be No. 1 in the world and I ‘ll not quit until I ‘m No. 1 in the world.”

It looks like Leeper is on the correct path to be only that.

Leeper lately tied the world record in the 100-meter at 10.91 seconds. He’s just the second double- amputee to break 11 seconds over that space. At the 2013 Paralympic Championships, Leeper helped establish a brand new world record in the 4×100 relay race in route to the team’s gold medal in the race. At the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, Leeper won silver in the 400-meter and bronze medal in the 200-meter.


Courtesy: Steven C. Barber

He’s actually made tremendous steps every step of the method, but the impossibility of it all is what gives him the guts to continue.

To say the least, life as a double-amputee has’t consistently been simple, but it’s perhaps due to his challenges that Leeper has the strength now to pursue those fantasies.

ABR_BookCover_SmallI grew up playing with everything and anything ” Leeper said in an interview with Nike. I used sports as a way of revealing the community they do’t need to treat me otherwise. I understand I’m missing my legs and I understand I might seem a little different but you see me on the baseball field or if you see me on the court, then you’re gonna need to play with me. Tough. So treat me the same when you see me in the classroom, treat me the same when you see me walking through the halls or you find me in the community. And the more I competed the more admiration I began developing.”

Leeper’s will and resolution are what shoves him, understanding the only limits he’s are the ones he puts on himself and understanding that he’s beat so much.

I can let you know this…; I cannot look back and say I want I only attempted a little bit if I do fail, if I do’t reach that summit. No. That will not be the case so I’m training all out to get myself in a position where failure’s not a choice.” and cannot

We understand we’ll be rooting for you, Blake!

Before Rio, you can find Leeper in activity in a brand new documentary, Leap of Faith: The American Bladerunner Narrative, narrated by actor Blair Underwood.

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