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Alabama congressman: “People who lead good lives” don’t have preexisting conditions

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As Brooks told Tapper: “My understanding is that (the brand-new proposition) will allow insurance business to require people who have higher healthcare costs to contribute more to the insurance coverage pool. That helps balance out all these costs, therefore lowering the expense to those people who lead good lives, they’re healthy, they have actually done the important things to keep their bodies healthy. And right now, those are the individuals — who’ve done things the best method — that are seeing their expenses escalating.”

Brooks belongs to the Home Freedom Caucus, which played a critical function in torpedoing Trump’s previous attempt at repealing and changing the Affordable Care Act. Like numerous other members of the caucus, Brooks has actually revealed a desire to support Trumpcare 2.0 since it will allow private states to waive health care requireds that cover individuals with pre-existing conditions. He is also stated to be “seriously thinking about” a run for the Senate in the near future.Perhaps recognizing that his previous comments sounded insensitive, Brooks did aim to backpedal later on in the interview.” In fairness, a great deal of these individuals with pre-existing conditions, they have those conditions through no fault of their own,”the Alabama congressman informed Tapper.”And I think our society, under those circumstances, has to help. The difficulty though is that it’s a tough balancing act between the higher expense of these requireds which denies individuals protection since they cannot afford their medical insurance policies … and having enough coverage to help those people genuinely in need.”Matthew Rozsa is a breaking news writer for Beauty parlor. He holds an MA in History from Rutgers University-Newark and

his work has appeared in Mic, Quartz and MSNBC. More Matthew Rozsa. Mo Brooks(Credit: AP/J

. Scott Applewhite)


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