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8 Stunningly Beautiful Weddings!

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Weddings tie with births-of-children as the most important day in peoples lives, especially, it seems, womens lives. Nowadays, weddings are costing more than everan average of $28,427 across the United States, and even more than that in wealthier areas (for example, $76,687 in Manhattan, NYC). Some have called the $70 billion business sector around weddingscaterers, planners, florists, DJs, you name itthe wedding industrial complex. Critics say that weddings are becoming more about showing off your money and decorating skills than about celebrating your love for another person. Think what you will about the issue, but one thing is undeniable: the weddings featured on this list are gorgeous. Stunning. Breathtaking. Magical. Sometimes, almost unearthly. And in some cases, bride and groom appear to have made an effort to keep things a little on the simpler side (for example, the bride in #6 actually rented her wedding dress, and some feature handmade decorations). Declining marriage rates and a rise in divorce leave much room for criticism of the institution of marriage, but forget about all that for a moment and look at these incredible photographs from these eight stunningly beautiful weddings.

1. Rustic Canoe Wedding, New Hampshire

It should come as no surprise that when Max Bittle and Katie Barnes of Dreamlove Wedding Photography decided to tie the knot, they wanted to do something creative, something unique. On the other side of the lens for the first time, Katie and Max asked their friend Yoon Byun of the Boston Globe to photograph their backyard New Hampshire wedding. As you can see from the pictures, theirs was a rustic, DIY-style celebration chock-full of New England charm. But the best part? The actual wedding ceremony took place on a dock in the middle of Snow Pond, in their backyard. Guests rowed themselves to the dock in canoes (note Katies happy papa walking her down the… erm, rowing her to the dock). Katie held a bouquet of antique brooches made by Maxs mother and turquoise cowboy boots under her white dress. The decor was rustic, natural, and earthy.

According to Katie, although I could go on about detail after detail that I loved about our day… when I look back on everything, the one thing that makes my heart swoon the most, were hearing Maxs vows to me. Its amazing how much work I felt like I put into every little detail… the decoration, the food, the invitations… and looking back, I now realize that this one tiny thing deciding to write our own vows is what meant the most to me on our wedding day.

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