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7 Shocking Celebrity Makeup Mishaps!

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One would believe that these stars have sufficient cash and resources to at all times appear perfect. Lets review a number of the greatest celeb make-up mishaps in the entertainment industry.

1. Angelina Jolie

Wife and star to multimillionaire Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie leads a fantastic life of extravagance and glamour. With film appearances and numerous red carpet, Jolie is more often than not a basic in entertainment shows and the gossip tabloids. Jolie frequently times receives criticism on various divisions in the media, but after a leading make-up faux pas she was more of the topic of laughter in January 2014.

Jolies makeup artist made the rookie mistake of applying film make-up on her face for a red carpet look rather than the standard drug store base. The difference between them both? With the base when the unpleasant flashing lights of cameras hit the face used for films the face is going to have the look of free white powder rather than an even and smooth complexion. Sadly the catastrophe was not spotted by the Branjolina pair on the face of Angelina Jolie before they stepped out of their vehicle.

This make-up is really most observable with unpleasant lighting that is incredibly bright and for that reason can’t be seen by looking in the rearview mirror in the vehicle.

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