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7 Outrageous Stunts You Do NOT Want to Try At Home

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Crazy, death-defying stunts are interesting to see, but for most of US, its hard to envision the allure of placing your own life in risk for a delight. What would drive someone by choice nearly drown, skydive with no parachute, or to walk a tightrope across the Grand Canyon? Scientists and shrinks arent sure what makes some individuals daredevils (the answer might lie in our genes, yet this hypothesis is controversial). Some parents report seeing daredevil characteristics within their young children. The truth is, all of US know someone whos a little daredevil a person who cant seem to take no for an answer, who craves the thrill of danger, who gets antsy when they’re not taking a threat.

But stuntmen and the daredevils featured in this list go beyond and above what’s ordinary, getting themselves in a number of the very extreme, dangerous, frightening circumstances you’ll be able to envision. Have a look.

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