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7 Child Stars Who Died Too Young!

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Early fame often has a signifiant impact on the future of young stars. In some cases, the results can be devastating. These 7 child stars died too young!

1. Dana Plato

Starring alongside Gary Coleman in Diffrent Strokes was another rising star and child actor, Dana Plato. At the time of Diffrent Strokes, she was hugely successful, and it appeared she would have a long and bright acting career ahead of her. But, as was the curse of Diffrent Strokes, this was not the case. After struggling to find work, Plato began to take small time or bit parts in such films as Bikini Beach Race. Rumors of drug abuse and a poor working attitude surrounded the star after she was kicked off Diffrent Strokes, rumors that followed her throughout her career.

Although the media claim this was the reason she left the show that created her, the producers were adamant it was because she had fallen pregnant, and it wasnt in-keeping with the theme and values of the show. Whether or not this was the reason, Plato openly admitted to abusing drugs from the age of 14. In the early 90s Plato moved to Las Vagas where she struggled to gain any employment and began to sink further and further below the poverty line. Her money from Diffrent Strokes had been stolen many years before, after she signed her power of attorney over to a fraudulent accountant as she despaired about both her husband leaving her, and her mother dying, in the same week.

On February 28, 1991, police received a 911 call from a woman who claimed to be robbed by the girl who played Kimberly on Diffrent Strokes. As things got worse for Plato, she accepted soft-core erotica jobs to subsidize her income, including a job for Playboy. In 1999, on the 7th of May, Plato underwent what would be her final interview live on the radio.She received much aggressive criticism from callers. The next day, she visited her mothers house and told her family she was going for a lie down in her Winnebago parked outside. She was later found dead, killed by a self-inflicted drug overdose.



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