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6 Of The Most Bizarre Rituals Around The World!

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Part of what makes the human race unique from the remaining part of the animal kingdom is our practice and adherence to rituals. Nature frequently operates in quite orderly manners, so when a human being purposefully walks across burning coals with bare feet… something seems to be amiss. Yet, that same man could probably tell you the precise function for which she or he walked across those coals. Rites attractiveness past the explanation of logic to a psychological awareness – they’re the vehicles by which individuals derive meaning from life daily. Occasionally it’s an attempt to attach with a more religious element of the mind. This could mean deliberate infliction of suffering or pain, proven techniques of transforming one’s state of consciousness. Other times a rite is practiced to just keep oneself associated with family and custom practices. Whatever the rite kind, the main function will be to supply some sort of fulfillment. The following eccentric rites might not seem totally orthodox and foreign to you personally, but it’s important to consider the meaning they hold within their various cultures.


Festivals are among the very frequent forms of human rite, and Thaipusam is among the very most interesting in that group. It celebrates the vanquishing of evil devil Soorapadman by Murugan with a spear given to him by Parvati – an occasion recalled during the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai (January/February).

The groundwork for Thaipusam is equally as extreme as the holiday with devotees starting to rapidly 48 days before the occasion. During this interval they take food just once daily, and just pure, Satvik food at that.


On the day of the holiday, many acts of devotion are undertaken including body disfigurements, piercings, and shaving of heads. Many pierce their very own tongue in honor of the slaying of Soorapadman with a little spear.

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