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5 Unbelievable Body Deformities

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The majority of us, at some point have seen someone who has some kind of physical deformity which makes them distinct. We have chosen these five individuals who were each created with this kind of rare illness which you likely have not seen anything quite like these body deformities

The Bubble-Skin Man

Going through life covered from head to toe with a huge number of tumours all over your skin. For Chandra Wisnu, this really is not any nightmare however a living reality. The bubble-like tumours first started to appear on the body in the age of 19, subsequently distribute to his back by age 24 of Chandra and by age 32 his whole body was engulfed in the tumours that are funny appearing.

Chandra gets odd looks from people that have not ever seen him before but he takes it all in stride. “When people stare at me, I tell myself, it is because I’m good looking. I try and look on the bright side.” The worse part for Chandra is the horrible itching he experiences in the hot humid tropical weather of Indonesia. Occasionally it gets so poor the sole means he can ease the itching would be to make use of the lit end of a smoke on the distressed region!

The 57 year old Indonesian man referred to as the “Bubble Skin Man” has been hunting for a treatment because of his ailment for the past 25 years. The investigation became more significant after Chandra found that 16 year old daughter and his 32 year old son Martin Liz both started showing early signs of the disorder. As a result of Dr. Anthony Gaspari, a dermatologist from Maryland in the United States, Chandra may soon find help. While no treatment exists, the disease was identified as Neurofibromatosis type I (NF1), a disorder resulting from gene malfunction causing benign cancerous lumps.


The disorder which only changes around 2500 people globally is genetic. Based on Dr. Gaspari, there are treatments available which may enhance Chandra’s quality of life and perhaps prevent his kids’s disorder from advancing to the same position as Chandra’s.
Chandra’s story was recently told on a documentary entitled “Bubble Skin Man” which aired on TLC.

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