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5 Celebs Caught Cheating In Scandalous Affairs! Surprised at #5

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Stars aren’t above breaking the rules particularly when it comes to relationship obligations. Are but a few that were captured and in manners that are distinct paid the price for two-timing.

1. Ashton Kutcher Sara Leal

While Sara may have had some fleeting minutes of intimate ecstasy with Ashton Kutcher star of the most popular television series, Two and Half Men, it wasn’t only short lived but came using a significant cost. Not only did she lose her job but she wo nt be spoken to by her family. Likely what made this what is apparently a one night hit on more difficult is that it was Astons sixth wedding anniversary.

Most everyone would agree that it wasnt the kind of anniversary present that Demi Moore, Ashtons ex wife was anticipating. As far as the price that the one thing understood was paid for his little escapade by Ashton was a suspected schism of his $2 million fortune.




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