‘30 Rock’ Producers Spin Mother-Daughter Comedy in ‘Great News’

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Briga Heelan as Katie and Andrea Martin as Carol

in Great News. Eddy Chen/NBC When she was working as a writer on 30 Rock, Tracey Wigfield’s mom would continuously concern her workplace. This gave her a concept– for a comedy series.Great News tells the story of Katie Wendelson, an up-and-coming news producer who discovers her way‑too‑involved mom, Carol, has actually rejoined the workforce as an intern at the same cable news show.Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, who dealt with Wigfield on 30 Rock, serve as Executive Producers of the funny.”It’s [set in] an office, which constantly becomes its own sort of household in any

sitcom, but among the important things I think that Tina and I really liked when Tracey brought us this concept was, [that] there’s this relationship in the middle of it, this mother/daughter,”discussed Carlock at a television critics event.Wigfield easily confesses that her mommy has some special attributes that make for a good TELEVISION character.”She’s not like one of these sexy L.A. mothers with long,

odd blonde hair. She sort of speak with everyone exactly the exact same, whether they’re the lady at the grocery shop or, like, Alec Baldwin. My mommy is extremely truthful and simply has this like joy about her that is really motherly. She’s a straight‑up mama.” Actioning in to portray Carol is TELEVISION and Broadway veteran Andrea Martin.”I grew up watching Andrea on SCTV, “discusses Fey. “I was an advocate people going out to get her as soon as we had the script. [I was] like,”Oh, let’s absolutely go chase Andrea

.” Wigfield gives kudos to Fey for the idea of bringing Martin onboard.”Tina was really clever to instantly think of Andrea since she has such a warm sort of maternal energy, and she resembles a funny elf. She is so funny and magical.”Asked if her mom took any offense to Martin’s portrayal of her, Wigfield said,” Yeah. My mom was always grumbling, [saying], ‘I don’t dress like that. I would never use shoes like that

,’and then she appeared on set, and Andrea’s costume was the very same as her real‑life attire.” Likewise in the cast are Nicole Richie and John Michael Higgins, who play the(wacky!)on-air anchor team at the news station– he the veteran newsman and she the up-and-comer. Higgins says,” I understand that my character is sort of on the subside. I have a great deal of reverence for Peter Jennings and definitely [Walter] Cronkite, undoubtedly. There is something identified and assuring about that kind of presence, but it is a design of interaction with the public that’s fading and our stories deal a lot with the fade. “It didn’t take long for Higgins to recognize that he’s in truth a lot like the character he represents.” It appeared that there was just a hair’s breath in between him and me, that my character’s reading newspapers

with checking out glasses on, and it’s’cut,’ and there I am checking out the newspaper, and nothing’s altered. “Nicole Richie, in her very first scripted function, explained stepping into this new arena. “I auditioned a couple of times, actually. When I got it, I had no idea exactly what I was walking into. I was the new arrival and they all kind of understood each other. I fulfilled the hair and makeup individuals first, and they resembled,’Everyone’s actually good. ‘I resemble, ‘Yeah, okay. Whatever. ‘You understand what? Everybody was. They invited me with open arms. “Fey said that she ‘d constantly had an eye on Richie. “I’ve been a fan of Nicole given that she was essentially a youngster on [the truth series] The Basic Life.I think she’s a really amusing person. The sort of instincts

that she has, you can not teach them. People have it or they do not. Yeah, we were all thrilled when she said that she would come in.”Great News might be embeded in a tv news station, however Fey clarifies the political nature of the program, describing that all 10 episodes were finished months back.”We shot these understanding that we would likely be on midseason,” discussed Fey.”

So with the hold-up of broadcast, you sort of take ideas from the headlines, but you wish to avoid doing a joke that’s going to feel really old by the time the program airs.”While the series comes from the creators behind 30 Rock, it is special in its own right, says Wigfield. “Yes. I think where this program and 30 Rock share some DNA is that it’s an amusing program with a great deal of fast‑paced jokes. The program is extremely different. At its core, it’s about a mom and

a daughter.”Fey, who knows a thing or two about producing good TV, added,”This show is about the relationships. For a series to sustain itself, it does need to be about individuals and the relationships. “Higgins agreed, mentioning that there are more than simply workplace laughs to be had in Great News.”Our stories are owned by generational motors– in between the 2 different types of news anchors, in between the mom and the daughter– and there’s a lot of funny there. A great deal of comedy.”Great News premieres Tuesday, April 25 with back‑to‑back episodes every week at

9:00 and 9:30 pm et on NBC.

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