11 Ways to Handle Substance Abuse

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For as long as there have been mind altering substances, there’s been a certain percentage of the population who wind up abusing them. With variety and availability at unprecedented levels, substance abuse is not uncommon. The resultant popular more shift from criminal justice matter to public health problem is a welcome departure from a puritanical morality unhinged from reality. While the related political tides are coming in, statistically speaking, most of us are going to face this question on personal level. When a loved one develops a substance abuse problem, how should it be addressed?


Do NOT Stage an Intervention


And do not confront them directly. Most people will feel compelled to direct action, and want to do something immediately. You must resist this urge. In much the same way a funeral is not for, and of no benefit to the dead, the only thing an invention accomplishes is to stroke the collective ego of everyone involved. This way all the participants can go home, and sleep soundly telling themselves they’ve done everything they possibly could. Which is of course complete hogwash. The intervention is just a quick fix panacea for an attention deficit disorder culture and will most likely alienate the subject. Do you really think that everything will be wrapped up neat & tidy after an hour of making someone feel like a piece of garbage? This isn’t television, and in the real world things work far differently. Accomplishing anything meaningful takes hard work, dedication, time and patience. There are no short cuts here. If you really care about the person, you must understand that it’s going to take time, it’s going to be difficult, and there will be setbacks.

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