10 Things That Are Surprisingly Bad For You

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There are lots of things we know are bad for us, and a few things we presumed that are not good for us that are really great for all of us. Nevertheless, there are rather several things out there that we believed were totally regular, things that are acceptable to do, which are really doing us harm. Listed here are ten ways without even being aware of it, we’re damaging ourselves.

Eating Ice or Popcorn


Slathering it imitation butter purchasing overpriced popcorn and gorging on the enormous bathtub while we see a film is a time honored tradition, yet, it turns out it may truly not be extremely good for you. Popcorn Kernels can quickly get stuck in teeth, which may cause other serious issues, or illness, including having your teeth chipped and cancer. Nevertheless, Dentists do not look considerably more caring of individuals chewing ice other, according to dentists eating popcorn kernels is “like eating rock” and that ice is “fragile”. Dentists say that particularly if your teeth aren’t at their most powerful, you’re taking huge risks eating popcorn and risking biting down difficult on a kernel, or when chomping down on a part of ice.

Drinking a lot of water

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Drinking water may seem like one of these things which you can not possibly get erroneous, but the truth is that drinking water can go terribly, terribly incorrect. Seemingly, you actually can drink water that is an excessive amount of, plus you can be killed by it. This ailment is called water intoxication and could be extremely dangerous. This really is not likely to occur if you’re only sitting home but if you’re working out or running, particularly in the heat, and drink plenty of water, you’re in danger. The issue happens because you’re replacing the water, but not other important electrolytes like sodium, which may cause a serious imbalance within your body. A good solution to stop this if you’re on the go is a sports drink, that will rehydrate you while additionally replenishing the electrolytes all that you lost. You can replenish your potassium levels using a banana, and eat something salty along with your glass of plain water if you’re at home.

Teflon coated products


Teflon has been popular for its properties as a non-stick surface; yet, it’s not completely safe. While scientists don’t consider that Teflon causes cancer, it’s still not safe. Actually, Teflon was found to show up in debris and in people’s blood, food and water in people’s houses. The coating can discharge hazardous substances, which can lead to a terrible state in people that could be mistaken for the flu, when Teflon is brought to quite a high heat. It provide them cancer, while scientists are uncertain how much damage it causes to individuals, so far the prognosis isn’t excellent and they’ve found that many Americans have some degree of the hazardous substance in their own bodies and can damage the immune systems of animals.



Testing has always demonstrated that many sunscreens have dangerous ingredients which make them not substantially better in relation to the choice, which is becoming scorched by sunlight, while sunblock is designed to shield you from the risks of the sunlight radiation. Many reports have found that these dangerous substances really improve your likelihood of getting tumours in your skin and may mess with all the hormonal balance of your body. There’s in addition the reality your body requires a particular amount of sunshine for the intent of having your body. Nevertheless, it does not want too much sunlight, and it is a hard balance to keep. Some physicians propose letting yourself to get sun for approximately ten minutes before you lather on the sunblock, and of course do a serious investigation to ensure the one you’re using does not include anything noxious.

Citric Acid


While specific foods with natural citric acid might be beneficial for you, citric acid itself is really incredibly bad for your teeth. Based on dentists it erodes it, which is extremely poor for your oral well-being and latches itself onto the enamel of your teeth. But it is not only in food type that you risk this issue: it manages to attach itself to your enamel and start the procedure for breaking down the natural protection of your teeth should you drink something with citric acid. Some have pointed out that sugar free sodas are not specifically good this way for your teeth, and ought to be avoided if possible.

Pressed Wood


Formaldehyde is a compound that is natural, colorless and used in a variety of distinct programs, from lipstick, to toothpaste and a number of other applications. Most notably it’s in pressed wood goods, which are seen in a wide range of stuff to lots of distinct furniture products and mobile homes, from cupboards. This is a well-known method to bond stuff, making it common in adhesives of an industrial assortment of all kinds, particularly. After some studies they consider this is a human carcinogen, while scientists haven’t done as much study on the area as they’d like and in numbers that are high additionally results in short-term health problems.



Mothballs are used through the planet to guard other things and clothing from pests and mould, particularly moths. They’re stuffed with pesticides made to kill off the unwanted vermin. Nevertheless, it is often discovered that the ingredients in mothballs are not rather safe, particularly for spheres and infants including naphthalene have been prohibited by some states. Mothballs include some other ingredients that are hazardous also, they all insecticide which should not be ingested or inhaled by people at all. You’ve managed to ingest the fixings should you smell a mothball. You need to get them to the emergency room immediately as noted before young children are particularly susceptible and if they manage to eat one.

Skim Milk

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While many presume that skim milk is an effective method to get the vitamins with no fat from milk, many researchers believe that skim milk is really not quite as good for you as total fat milk. The reason behind this is that when the fat is removed, the vitamins are removed with it, synthetics are pumped back in but they’re quite as bad. To make things worse, a lot of the producers really “fortify” their skim milk, using a powdered model of milk that can in fact function to oxidize the cholesterol found in the milk. While this hasn’t yet been examined extensively on people, animals that drank oxidized cholesterol have had issues with something called arterial plaque, which can raise the risk of a heart attack. Given that saturated fats decreases cholesterol that is poor and reduces your danger of a heart attack –contrary to governmental and popular view–you’re better off drinking total fat milk.



This might be controversial to some, as it includes some caveats, jogging might be beneficial for you under specific conditions. Nevertheless, under other states jogging can be really poor for you. You’re raising your odds of arthritis and other issues should you run quickly, or over really long distances instead of simply jogging. Nevertheless, when it comes to jogging itself, it appears the real issue is the fact that are doing this on hard surfaces like concrete your body wasn’t made to run on, which is hardly good for your joints, especially your knees. The main note of warning looks like that if you’re heavy, you’re placing great pressure on joints and your knees ought to likely only walk until you’re down to a wieldy weight, and when jogging.

Using a computer

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At this time it’s likely that you are reading this from a computer, which is really really bad for you. For starters environmental groups have found that lots of computers and computer screens include dust with hazardous properties that can make serious neurological damage. Studies found that only the very action of sitting as much as three hours a day can take off your life. Nevertheless, more unique to computers, the way we sit and sort is not good for the glowing lights cause eye strain, our stance as well as the location of our hands on the computer keyboard can cause carpal tunnel. Doctors propose mitigating this by stretching, getting up and resting your eyes every half hour to hour when using your personal computer.

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