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10 Cutaneous Horns


Picture via Metro

Cutaneous horns (cornu cutaneum) result when keratin shows in a conical shape and protrudes out from the skin. Lesions discovered at the base of these horns may be benign or malignant.

When cutaneous horns grow, they are usually at an average age of 50, on people who have fair skin. Sun-exposed areas of skin are most susceptible. A biopsy can help discover the cause because cutaneous horns are related to various medical problems. Chances range between verruca to Bowen’s disease. Most horns are not malignant, but about 20 percent are cancerous, and another 20 percent are precancerous.

Many people even decide to let their horns that are benign grow. You can at least rest assured that you’re likely not turning into a demon, if a horn does sprout in your brow.

Note: Most cutaneous horns are shorter than the one pictured above.

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