10 Medical Technologies That Could Shape The Future…3D Print Bones?

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It simply goes without saying our society is going quicker than it has in days gone by. A number of us are left in the ensuing dust storm of out-of-date processes which were trivial just decades past as medical technology surges forwards with unprecedented speed and precision. But if we look up and gaze into the longer term, we can find the beginnings of an entirely new world of health treatments the physicians of yesterday could not even start to envision. Here are 10 medical technologies which could shape the future.10
Anti-Bleeding Gel

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Typically, a medical improvement comes from years of budget research that is high. Occasionally it is downright injury. And occasionally, a tiny team of leaders will step forward with a discovery that is truly revolutionary. That is Isaac Miller and true with Joe Landolina and their Vetigel, a lotion-like material that begin the clotting procedure and will seal a wound.

The anti-bleeding gel creates a faux framework that mimics an awesomely called natural material that helps cells in the body grow, the extracellular matrix. Here’s a video of the gel in activity (warning, it is pretty bloody). In the video, pigs blood is piped into a cut of pork. When the pork is sliced, it starts bleeding instantly, but ceases the prompt Vetigel is used.

In other evaluations, Landolino used a live liver that was slit, along with the gel to prevent the bleeding on the carotid artery of a rat. Whether this product becomes commercial, it may save millions of lives, particularly in combat zones.

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