10 Fascinating Facts About the World of Chocolate

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All of us love chocolate, most of us likely eat at least several times per week, or it daily. It’s among the most love food products on the planet and many would say they cannot live without it. Most of us feel as it’s a routine part of our lives, we understand chocolate pretty well by now. Nevertheless, there are many fascinating facts about the world of chocolate that most don’t understand. Below are ten fascinating facts about chocolate, a few of these facts are weird, some are saddening and others are simply totally stupid.
10 Slavery
Fact: Chocolate farmers are essentially slaves.

Many people love chocolate daily as we mentioned. Sadly, we’re about to make you feel guilty about it. Perhaps you have wondered where your chocolate comes from? Most of it comes from the labour of kids, it’s believed that in Africa alone in the range of 56–72 million kids work on chocolate farms. These kids sold into slavery and wind up living out their lives working on these farms for the gain of others or are frequently deceived into working. The kids who have it better live on corn spread and bananas. The unlucky ones are often flogged like creatures.

One kid interviewed said that he was deceived into believing he’d be bringing in cash to help his family, but that the closest he gets to settlement are the days he’s not beaten from a Cacao tree with a bicycle chain or the branch. The kid has never had occasion to attempt the food he spends his life slaving away to make. Some would imply that Fair Trade is bought by us, the issue is that Fair Trade does little if anything to help.

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